Moving us in a New Direction: Forward

Neither red, nor blue was mentioned in "We the people". 

Time to move our politics away from partisanship. Together.

politics done differently

The Approachable Platform

The people of the 13th Congressional district deserve reachable representatives. 

In a digital age, the distance between Washington and Illinois should be closer than ever; using technology to promote dialogue and meet the needs of differing opinions, we can close the distance between those as representatives and those they serve.

A Voice that Listens

Politics should work for you and what you care about. Rather than ties to partisanship, congressional voting needs to be a discussion with transparency and compromise. 

While neighbors may vary in opinion from issue to issue, your voice in congress should reflect and equitably represent you and your district.

A Teacher in Government?

For decades, partisanship and chasing re-elections have made teachers and their students vulnerable. It is time Washington started working the other way around, with the needs of children and their families, students and their teachers considered first.

It is time for a paradigm shift in the way Washington works for us.


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